Updated: 10/17/13

Victor Hiking Trails
Monthly Guided Hikes

See the Calendar for details on future hikes, and the Map for hike locations.

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+ Adirondack Weekend
+ Adirondack Weekend
2014 Harriet Hollister
Auburn Trail*
Lehigh Fishers to Mendon Mendon Ponds Park Canadice Trail Chimney Bluffs (NTD)
Fishers Park
Conklin Gully~ Grimes Glen~ Lower Genesee Riverway%
Challenge: Boughton Park to Perinton
Keuka Outlet Trail Monkey Run and MaryFrances Bluebird Haven Dryer Road Park and Fort Hill
2013 Harriet Hollister©
Auburn Trail*
Mendon Ponds Park Fishers hamlet trails Braddock’s Bay Historic Victor walk, Crescent Trail hike Auburn Trail (NTD)
Ontario Pathways%
Griffis Sculpture Park, Zoar Valley Letchworth Park, south end~ Challenge Hike Finger Lakes Trail, Prattsburg Ganondagan, Fort Hill, Dryer Road Park Seneca Park / Genesee River gorge
2012 Harriet Hollister
Auburn Trail*
Mendon Ponds Park Dryer Road Park, Auburn Trail* Powder Mills Park Webster Park Auburn, Domine, & Lehigh Trails (NTD)
Auburn and Lehigh Trails%©
Keuka Lake Outlet Trail% Conklin's Gully~ Ring of Fire, Bare Hill*
Challenge Hike: Seneca
Historic Walk in Victor and Bike Ride on the Auburn Black Creek Park Boughton Park
2011 Harriet Hollister Seneca Trail from Apple Farm to Boughton Park Auburn Trail. Victor to Mertensia Corbett's Glenn
Auburn Trail*
Ganargua Creek Meadow Preserve and Monkey Run Auburn, Lehigh Crossing Park, Trolley(NTD)
Lehigh Trail: Old Dutch to Greenway%
Wesley Hill and Briggs Gully Powder Mill Fish Hatchery Ring of Fire, Bare Hill*
Challenge Hike: Seneca
Cleveland Hill Mendon Ponds Boughton Park
2010 Auburn Tr, Lehigh Tr, Fishers Park Harriet Hollister Lehigh Crossing Park Ganondagan Monkey Run and Bluebird Trails Seneca Trail (NTD)
Keuka Outlet Trail%
Lehigh Tr: Victor - Mendon% Grimes Glen and Conklin Gulley~ Ring of Fire, Bare Hill* Cleveland Hill Crecent Trail -- Mosley Rd Dryer Rd / Fort Hill / Ganondagan
2009 Harriet Hollister Mendon Ponds Tug Hill Keuka Outlet Trail Bentley Woods Auburn Trail and Fishers Park(NTD)
Mendon Ponds
Grimes Glen and Tanner Gully~ Letchworth Park gorge~ Ring of Fire, Bare Hill* VanDerStrict Trail, Canadice Lake Boughton Park Powder Mills Park
2008 Powder Mills Park Harriet Hollister Dryer Rd. Park Canadice Lake Trail Ellison Park Seneca, Lehigh, Monkey Run Trails(NTD)
Mendon Ponds
Robert Treman or Buttermilk Falls~ Fillmore Glen~ Ring of Fire, Bare Hill* Erie Canalway Trail, Palmyra - Newark% Finger Lakes Trail, Bristol Branch Sherwood Parcel, Penfield
2007 Powder Mills Park Mendon Ponds. Dryer Rd. Park Turning Point Park% Farmington Nature Trail, MaryFrances Blue Bird Haven and Monkey Run Seneca Trail to the Auburn to Paparone Park(NTD)
Mendon Ponds
Clark’s Gully and Briggs Gully~ Crescent Trail, Garnsey Rd Ring of Fire, Bare Hill* Finger Lakes Trail, Bristol Branch Webster Trails Helmer Nature Center, Durand Eastman Park and new Lakeshore Trail
2006 Gonondagon Dryer Road Park Tug Hill & Salmon Creek Weekend Keuka Lake Outlet Trail Spring Farm, Newark Auburn and Lehigh Trails(NTD)%
Lehigh to Mendon Ponds%
Zoar Valley~ Sampson State Park Ring of Fire, Bare Hill* Finger Lakes Trail Section Boughton Park Mendon Ponds Park
2005 Palmer's Pond, Belmont, NY Beaver Lake Nature Center, Baldwinsville Wesley Hill Preserve, Naples 1000 Acre Swamp, Penfield Lehigh Trail, Fishers - Rush, bikes Quinn Oak Openings, Honeoye Falls Creek walk~ Finger Lakes Trail, Bristol Hills Branch Ring of Fire, Bare Hill* Canadice Lake Trail Rifle Range Trail, Penfield, Irondequoit Bay Indian Hill Trail, Perinton
2004 Fishers Loop Harriet Hollister Lehigh - Henrietta Old Erie loop Durand Eastman Park Auburn Trail (NTD)
Genesee Greenway%
Conklin’s Gully~ Grimes Glen and Tanner Gully~ Ring of Fire, Bare Hill* Hi Tor Ellison Park Cummings Nature Center
2003 South Perinton Hills Mendon Ponds Harriet Hollister Powder Mills Park Chimney Bluffs Victor Parks(NTD)
Mendon Ponds
Stony Brook~ Dish Mill Creek~ Boughton Park Stid Hill Black Creek Park Durand Eastman Park
2002 Harriet Hollister Genesee County Park South Perinton Hills Boughton Park Keuka Outlet Trail;
Grand Canyon Week
Auburn Fishers Park(NTD)
Conklin's Gulley~ Tanner & Grimes Glen~ Wesley Hill Preserve Finger Lakes National Forest Letchworth - East Side Black Creek Park
2001 Black Creek Park South Perinton Hills Harriet Hollister Chimney Bluffs Bently Woods Lehigh Crossing Park(NTD)
Seneca Trail
Webster Park Stoney Brook Park~ Seneca Trail Wesley Hill Fishers Park Northhampton Park
2000 Genesee County Park Webster Park© Oatka Park Powder Mills Park Spring Farm Seneca (NTD)
Urbana State Forest
Tanner & Grimes Glens~ Howland Island Bare Hill Taughannock Falls Greece Canal Park Durand Eastman Park
1999 Webster Park© Crescent Trail Boughton Park Zurich Bog Chimney Bluffs Seneca, Auburn, & Lehigh% Dishmill Creek~ Seneca Park Ring of Fire, Bare Hill* Finger Lakes Trail Mendon Ponds Canadice Trail
1998 Cobbs Hill Greenway, Scottsville - Avon Letcheworth Corbett's Glen Chimney Bluffs Auburn (NTD)
Bergen Swamp
Conklin's Gully~ Turning Point Park Ring of Fire, Bare Hill* BSA Camp Cutler Powder Mills Park Royal Coach
1997 Harriet Hollister Boughton Park Powder Mills Park Durand Eastman Spring Farm Monkey Run & Blue Bird Gananda Park Keuka Outlet Trail Irondequoit Bay East Stid Hill Old Erie Trail, Pittsford Mendon Ponds
1996 Hang Around Victor Bently Woods Thousand Acre Swamp Mendon Ponds
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