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Updated: Jul 4, 2024   Victor Hiking Trails Map

Your comments and suggestions about this map and the trails displayed are welcomed and requested. Webmaster@VictorHikingTrails.Org Thank you.

Click on a trail line, or a marker, to get a detailed map and more information.

The colors used for the trail lines match the blaze color for those trails that are color blazed, otherwise the color has been chosen to best separate them on the map. The line width is an indication of the trail width. Lines with dots indicate this is an section that is on the road.

These trails are open for all to use. Most of these are open, if not friendly, to bikes; the major exception is most of Ganondagan State Historic Site. Some trails close for hunting seasons. Closed sections are marked with Xs. Bike restrictions are shown when you hover the mouse on a trail. (Unfortunately, phones have no such feature.) Bike by-pass routes are indicated on the maps. Detailed map descriptions have more information.

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