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VHT and National Trails Day

The 28th annual National Trails Day VHT Hike this year is Saturday June 6th. Or, it was supposed to be. But, of course, the National Keep Away From Everybody Everyday and its safety message takes precedence.

The American Hiking Society and Victor Hiking Trails have hosted this event every year. In the sun. In the rain. In the cold. In the heat. The usual turnout for this family favorite in Victor is about 100 people. But this year it will be zero due to the COVID-19.

So, instead of a mass event, we will have a do-it-yourself Hike Together - Separately! event. We are encouraging everyone to get out, hike, and take pictures. Then send a picture of each participant to VHT's Meetup page. Maybe a write up of your hike, too. We will create a special collage and album to remember this special year. We are hoping to have well over 100 participants, including you, your family, and your friends.

While it is not necessary, you can signup in advance on the Meetup page and tell all of us where you plan to hike.

Victor has over 65-miles of trails to use, as seen on our website, The surrounding area has hundreds of miles of trails -- over 400 trails and parks in the Genesee-Finger Lakes Area --, and some folks are staying in place in other parts of the country, all with trails. Here is a chance to hike "with" friends and family even though you will be a great distance apart. Photos of any and all of these will be welcomed and treasured.


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